Now, let’s dive into the specific sub-domains of well-being we’ll be addressing. Financial well-being is paramount, as it forms the foundation for all other aspects. Without financial security, it’s challenging to prioritize other dimensions of well-being. Thus, financial literacy is a key focus for both individuals and organizations.

12 lessons of six years self-organization with 3.500 people at ABM Amro

Klaas Ariaans, the Director of Consumer Clients at ABN AMRO. At the helm of the 3.500 employee office organization within the bank, Klaas oversees a division undergoing rapid evolution. He spearheaded two pivotal transformations: firstly, through Personal Banking, digital interactions have taken on a deeply personalized dimension. Secondly, we’ve eliminated management by an astonishing 95%, ushering in a new era of self-organization. Join us as we distill lessons from six years of digital and cultural metamorphosis into a captivating 45-minute dialogue.