Doing good works – Het goede doen wérkt

The bible for ordinary people building extraordinary companies - De bijbel voor gewone mensen die buitengewone bedrijven bouwen

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In modern capitalism, a persistent myth suggests that intense competition yields the best results. The “survival of the fittest” mentality leads us to view peers as rivals, regard the overworked manager as the most successful, and accept unethical behavior if it boosts profits. This mindset fuels bureaucracy in our companies, breeds mistrust in the workplace, and literally makes people ill. Absenteeism, burnout, and depression are at unprecedented levels.


This perspective is at odds with the demands of our global, technology-driven economy. To ensure our prosperity in today’s turbulent world, we need cooperation more than ever. How can we reestablish meaningful connections in business? How do we prioritize humanity while striving for optimal business outcomes? And are workplace well-being and financial success truly contradictory, or can they complement each other?


Unbossers Network founder Nick Van Langendonck embarked on a journey to find answers. After hitting a personal and professional rockbottom, he traveled across Europe, India, and the Middle East. Along the way, he encountered remarkable individuals and gained profound insights. Yet, unexpectedly, he unearthed the ultimate wisdom within the pages of the oldest book in the world, hidden in his wife’s old suitcase …


Join him as he delves into the myths of the Bible and uncovers…


Nick Van Langendonck was the founder of an innovation agency and a co-partner in a social investment fund. He hosts one of the most inspiring business podcasts in Belgium and advises numerous international and local companies during pivotal changes.  Currently, he is the driving force behind the Unbossers network, which unites business leaders, managers, employees, workers, and students in building extraordinary businesses together.

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“I just read the first part of the preface and was already deeply moved—this promises great things for the rest of the book!”


Yakina Putmans – entrepreneur


English, Nederlands


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