Examples of Tailor-made Programs

– Unbossers ‘Z’ cases


Miele is transitioning into a new strategy and culture. ‘Pioneering spirit’ and ‘ideas over hierarchy’ are two key pillars. How do they mobilize their people to take full ownership for the execution?

IDEE – Maastricht Instruments

Last year's division in leadership within the IDEE and Maastricht Instruments collaboration posed challenges in terms of role definition and comprehension. As a result, it became essential to undertake a constructive and practical restructuring of management, as well as rejuvenate purpose, teamwork, and working practices in and between the two organizations.

Anonymised Case

Our Customer faces major strategic and cultural changes in their organization to effectively compete against new players that disrupt their industry.

How to bring an agile movement to life that can reinvent the company from the inside-out?

The Unbossers Notebook

All tools in one place

We have created a comprehensive Notebook, featuring templates, conversation starters, and methodologies designed to assist you in seamlessly incorporating an Unbossed mindset and techniques into your daily operational activities.

These valuable resources are conveniently organized into five sections: Leadership, Team Effectiveness, Changemaking, Unbossers Questions, and the Notebook itself.

We trust that you will derive both pleasure and effectiveness from utilizing these tools to engage with your colleagues in a meaningful manner.

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