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Doing good works, the Bible for ordinary people building extraordinary companies – Nick Van Langendonck

‘I did not know what to expect, but I must admit at times it was mind blowing” Etion


How can we reestablish meaningful connections in business? How do we prioritize humanity while striving for optimal business outcomes? And are workplace well-being and financial success truly contradictory, or can they complement each other?


Unbossers Network founder Nick Van Langendonck embarked on a journey to find answers. After hitting a personal and professional rockbottom, he traveled across Europe, India, and the Middle East. Along the way, he encountered remarkable individuals and gained profound insights. Yet, unexpectedly, he unearthed the ultimate wisdom within the pages of the oldest book in the world, hidden in his wife’s old suitcase …


Join him as he delves into the myths of the Bible and uncovers…


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Human Leadership – Paul Van Oyen

‘Leadership in times of chaos – let’s humanize.’


Paul Van Oyen, former CEO of Etex Group, a distinguished speaker ready to illuminate the essence of human leadership. Join Paul as he shares invaluable practical insights drawn from his wealth of experience, offering a unique perspective on cultivating leadership that prioritizes the human element. Get ready for an inspiring keynote that transcends traditional leadership paradigms and delves into the transformative power of leading with humanity at the forefront.

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Lessons learned from six years self-organization with 3.500 people at ABM Amro – Klaas Ariaans, Director Consumer Clients

“We debated whether to proceed incrementally or via a Big Bang. Despite advice for incremental change, with 200 years of legacy at ABN AMRO, we opted for a bold move. Given the company’s hierarchical nature, we feared lingering manager dependencies. To sever ties definitively, we reduced management from 278 to 25 managers in a single day.”  Klaas Ariaans


Klaas Ariaan is the Director of Consumer Clients at ABN AMRO. At the helm of the 3.500 employee office organization within the bank, Klaas oversees a division undergoing rapid evolution. He spearheaded two pivotal transformations: firstly, through Personal Banking, digital interactions have taken on a deeply personalized dimension. Secondly, we’ve eliminated management by an astonishing 95%, ushering in a new era of self-organization. Join us as we distill lessons from six years of digital and cultural metamorphosis into a captivating 45-minute dialogue.


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Unleashing the pioneering spirit across your organization – Raffaella Berardo

‘“Take ownership, ask for forgiveness, instead of asking for permission’’


Managers use power, People Leaders prioritize the best ideas, fostering an environment for open sharing, challenging each other, and learning from mistakes. While Managers decide, People Leaders embrace inclusive management, appeal to shared values, and offer strong support. Discover CEO Raffaella Berardo’s journey at Miele Belux, where she fostered a culture of bold, fast, and autonomous thinking. Learn how she involved everyone in defining future strategies and linked performance and payout systems accordingly.

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How to be a customer-centric organization? – Olga Potapsteva

‘Harmony in business isn’t just a chord; it’s the cohesive symphony that drives success’


While many organisations claim to put customers at the heart of their business, less than 10% truly do. Shifting the organisational tune from profit, control, or cost-saving can be risky, even with the best intentions. Join this keynote to uncover the pitfalls of profit-centricity for sustainable growth and receive guidance on safely transitioning to a harmonious customer-centric model. Be inspired by Olga’s practical advice, derived from her 20 years as a customer experience practitioner and a top-tier global CX consultant.

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Open strategy – Open up your strategy process beyond the C-suite! – Julia Hautz

‘Learn how to open up your strategy process to overcome limitations of traditional top-down strategy work. Understand which open strategy techniques serve your organization to develop better strategies and get commitment within your entire organization.’

We’ll delve into specific tools and their role in anticipating disruptions, emphasizing transparency, collaboration, and diversity throughout your strategy process. Discover how to harness the power of diverse insights, overcome cognitive biases, and build buy-in for strategic transformation. Julia, Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Innsbruck, is a leading scholar in open strategy. Her research focuses on innovative approaches to strategy, emphasizing creativity, diversity, and digital technologies.

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Measuring intangibles and a management holy grail – Stuart Woollard

‘“I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it…your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind….” .” (William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, 1889)’


How do we gauge the health of an organization? We understand it in financial terms but rarely through a human lens. Stuart Woollard co-founded the Maturity Institute. His work measures how human ‘intangibles’ create quantifiable, long-term value. This keynote explains how much purpose, management systems and culture matter to success. It describes how you can create holistic, research-validated, human diagnostics. Diagnostics that provide data and insights to shape coherent and powerful people strategies. And evidenced-based roadmaps for constant improvement.


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Could Improv be a supercharger of teamwork AND the elixir of youth? – Jennifer Cain

“‘YES AND’ will improve your business and your life”


Jennifer Cain is the Co-Founder and CEO of VivaValet: Live-in-Place-services for Older Adults, a company that aims to make life for Olders easier to live at home longer and enable adult children to organize services to support their aging parents from a distance. She is also a graduate of Second City’s Improv Conservatory. She brings these two elements together in a her keynotes and workshops.

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Unlock the Revolutionary Potential of Ecosystem-Based Business Models: A Strategic Session for Visionary Leaders – William Malek

“‘This business model is “revolutionary and disruptive”, distinct from anything seen before. It’s not just about adapting to change; it’s about being the change.”  Nobel Laureate in Economics


William Malek from the Rendanheyi SEAsia Research Center takes you on an exclusive, interactive 2 hour session designed specifically for forward-thinking CEOs. This session is not just informational; it’s a strategic exploration of how adopting a business ecosystem strategy, complemented by a semi-autonomous operating model, can catapult your company to the forefront of your industry. William goes beyond theoretical knowledge dissecting a proven business case, illustrating tangible ROI and the practical application of these strategies.


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