Life lessons from Steve Jobs.

by Carlien ‘Unplug48‘ Cavens (LinkedIn)

What Steve said

“When you grow up you get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much, try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. But that’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact. And that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it and you can build your own thing.”

“Once you learn that you’ll never be the same again.”

Reflections by Carlien

Our lives are messed up in many ways, yet too often we tend to accept it the way it is. Because that’s the NORM.

We find it NORMal that:

😣We spend most of our days sitting at a desk, staring at a screen.
🫣We spend an average of 283 days of our lives queuing in traffic.
🧐We constantly postpone our happiness to later – “the weekend”, “our holidays”, “our retirement”.
🤫We have to hide tattoos, emotions, and other essential parts of who we are at work because “it is not professional”.
😰We share a home with someone who treats us badly, “just for the kids”.
😑We want promotions and more money, even though it often comes with more stress and sleepless nights.
😵We work ourselves to death to gain financial freedom, while in reality we imprison ourselves in bigger houses and mortgages.
😵‍💫[Complete the list]

Define your own NORM.

Life is here and now.


ReTreat yourself.

with Carlien