“The best exchanges happen over a cup of coffee.”

Camilla Sagvag, Retail Manager Nespresso BeLux

Let’s be frank:

If you’re not looking for an everyday management workshop, nor typical leadership training, but yearning for an authentic and impactful on-the-job experience than an in company ritual might be something for you.

How we work?

Step 1: Discover

Start dreaming and get to know our network during a discovery meeting. We discuss your challenges and start creating a perfect blend of human connection and practical learning, with companies across different industries to entice your team eager to build extraordinary organizations.

Step 2: Prepare

Together with all your participants we create a list of very practical and relevant questions that you’d like to discuss with the companies in our network. We’ll also equip your team with articles and content to prepare, enabling us to bypass standard introductions during the workshops and delve straight into meaningful dialogues.

Step 3: Experience

Immerse yourself fully in your unique learning experience, free from concerns. Our showcase companies and dedicated facilitators are readily available throughout your journey, ensuring peace of mind and unwavering quality every step of the way.

Step 4:

Reflect on the achievements and lessons learned, encapsulating the journey’s insights and identify proposals for improving your organization.

“The taylormade experience for Anticimex Belgium surpassed in quality all our other offsites and management trainings.”

Christophe Gyselinck, CEO Anticimex Belgium

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