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We are a global movement of experts, businesspeople and thought leaders.

We believe people-first is a prerecondition for performance and growth. Together, we set organic change in motion and bring your business into the 21st century. The freedom to explore, experiment and break through the barriers or runaway bureaucracy; that’s what we’re all about.


Our impact;

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is not a means to an end. We believe employee engagement is the end. Engaged people bring your organisation’s purpose, strategy and culture to life. What’s more, engaged people become true ambassadors. We don’t pretend that profound change is a walk in the park. We know the ropes and are happy to be your guide.

Agility and intrapreneurship

We pull you away from your comfort zone with our disruptive energy. This might feel vulnerable. You learn to think like real changemakers and drive continuous improvements. We help you take responsibility and dare to question obsolete rules and processes.

Customer satisfaction

We help you progressively reduce the gap between what your clients expect and what you deliver. After working with us every employee knows the purpose of their function is to create value for their respective customer. The smoother your organisation runs and the more you enjoy what you do, the better the results on the outside. Trust us, your clients will notice.

We’re not here to convince you;
let’s open up the conversation.

Our view and approach are all-inclusive. We help people transform and create a network of deep human relationships at work. That’s why we want to get to know you before we start collaborating. We begin every journey with deep listening and by asking you the right questions. We hope you are excited to start co-creating!

Our approach

Deep human connection

We believe in business, it’s people first. Performance and growth will follow if your connection with your colleagues and your customer is deeply human. How do you combine the pursuit of business success with care for humanity? We help you install routines, rituals and processes that make it a combination that works.

Leadership & team development

We help you create the playing field that allows teams to take ownership and keep innovating. We ‘unteach’ managers to be traditional bosses. We coach everyone to take responsibility and breathe trust rather than control.

Business expertise

We gathered diverse experiences in the corporate world, acquired skills to make change and act at the edge of innovation. We mix our creative and process-oriented mindset and skills. You can always find someone within our team to fit your evolution best.

believe us

We have a broad network of clients, thought leaders and experts that we bring into our collaboration with you. Here’s what they have to say about working with us:


of Millennial and Generation Z

workers are likely to
consider changing
companies this year.


annual growth (CAGR) over the past 10 years thanks to a people-first approach at Haier

Lack of employee engagement costs the global economy



Buurtzorg has the highest customer satisfaction in its market and


lower costs than its peers

Since 1983 the number of Managers have risen by 100% whereas other roles only rose by


2 to 3

important innovation contributions per employee per year at automotive company

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