The ‘motivational water bottles’ metaphor for our network’s mission

By Nick Van Langendonck

I’ve chosen to gift these motivational water bottles to the 2024 members of our network because they elegantly represent our mission.

Just as water, while not the primary beverage, is indispensable for sustaining life, our network serves as an instrumental tool for professionals, essential for connecting and sustaining business operations.

Similar to how these bottles inspire hydration through achievable goals, our network fosters accountability for change through gradual on-the-job actions, culminating in substantial results over time.

Each connection within our network also mirrors a molecule of water, indispensable for facilitating the seamless flow of communication and resources throughout our network.

Finally, just as these bottles encourage increased water intake, leading to a sense of well-being, our network prompts deeper reflection and consequently enhances your actions. In both cases, the result is a positive impact on overall performance and satisfaction.

Drink water, join our network.

With hope and appreciation,


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