Turning capitalism on its head: no steroids needed.

In this episode, we delve into the extraordinary story of how a single LinkedIn post paved the way for raising 2 million euros and the establishment of a transparent booking platform poised to challenge the dubious practices prevalent in the realm of booking.com.

Introducing Niels Meijsen

Niels Meijssen an entrepreneur and product innovator who values purpose over profit. He’s the ceo of timetomomo : booking site meets travel guide. An ideal combination!


In September 2023, Time to Momo and Niels’ original hotel booking site Moonback joined forces. Since then, they  have continued together as Time to Momo. In this way, they expanded their position and serve their customers from hotel booking to exploring the city. In 2023, more than 150,000 travelers planned their city break with their itineraries & tips.

Topics we discuss

  • The crazy origin story of Niels company
  • What is Steward Ownership, and why did Niels opt for this structure?
  • What role did Steward Ownership play in the merger with timetomomo?
  • Niels’ experiences with raising 2million through crowdsourcing
  • And much more…

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