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Become a changemaker

Unbossers creates space for you to discover how to combine business success with care for humanity in a way that benefits all stakeholders: teams, customers, shareholders and suppliers. 

Pick and choose the type of service that fits best with your needs and learn all about new ways of working taught by the world’s most innovative organizations and changemakers, our Unbossers Fellows.

How we create space for change in your organization

Every organization is different. That’s why each customer can count on our personalised changemaking. We select and install the best practices that drive change while guarding structure and stability.

We are interactive guides and combine our tried and tested principles and expertise to inspire you. Our experiences and game-changing tools help you move towards new management models that combine human-centeredness with business success.


Tailor-made Change Programs


Imagine you could harness the collective intelligence of leading changemakers, our Unbossers Fellows and other clients, to tackle your organization’s biggest business and human challenges. Our 1-year ‘master in human organizations’ network program makes this happen. We facilitate connection and dialogue. You get top notch input and build profound business relationships.

1 Off-site Experience

You can count on a profound three-day Master of Human Organizations program: a unique experience, curated specifically for changemaking leaders. Free your mind and immerse yourself in business mastery, the unbossed way. Revise your thinking patterns with an international, diverse group of peers. Develop new beliefs to address your challenges and build profound, lifelong business relationships.

Attendance for one representative of your organization is included in the package. 2 or 3 extra representatives are more than welcome at an additional 1.000 € per person. Transport and hotel are not included.

3 Round Tables

We offer three sessions for the leaders and enthusiastic pioneers in your organization. We choose the topics from the actual challenges in our member organizations and facilitate in-depth dialogues. You come out of the sessions with practical solutions for your own challenge and by having learnt from the challenges of others. You’ll experience support and recognition from your peers as well.

Attendance of maximum 2 representatives of your organization per circle is included in the package. For each circle and according to the topic, you are free to send different representatives.

4 Online Debates

You are invited to a thought-provoking dialogue with one of our Unbossers Fellows. The topics of discussion are based on the needs and business challenges of you and other changemakers of our network. The insights will allow you to build internal credibility in a people-first way of working and share best practices with your team.

Attendance of maximum 2 representatives of your organization per circle. For each circle and according to the topic, you are free to send different representatives. The recording of the debate can be shared with your entire organization afterwards. 

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Change Programs

We are your guide and mentor in creating a movement of change. We bring your organization’s purpose, strategy and culture to life in an iterative way that puts people first. Together we increase employee engagement, business agility and customer satisfaction. We do what it takes to create value. Therefore, we lay all our cards on the table from the moment we meet you.

Here’s how we mentor and help you

Step 1

We start with in-depth listening to your needs and aspirations.

Step 2

We activate our ecosystem of fellow Unbossers to co-create the best program of inspiration, mentoring and practical tools to help tackle your challenges.

Step 3

We refine your ideal program together as we go,  following (y)our emergent learning through experience and your evolving needs.

Our mentorship happens at three levels of your organization:

Market leader or CEO

We work with you as CEO or market leader and become your partner in crime to bring change with care for humanity.


We help you make the link between your business challenges and people-first solutions to tackle these. We connect you with relevant Fellows and organizations that have the inspiration you need.


We help you overcome the thinking patterns that are no longer serving the transformation and culture you aspire for your organization.

Leadership team

We work with one team in your organization. This can be the leadership -, a transformation – or any business team.


The team members will reconnect with themselves, each other and the purpose they share, resulting in an aligned and committed team contract.


This contract includes pinpointing the team’s customer, their value, their key objectives and their collaboration principles embodying your corporate purpose, strategy and culture.

Your business frontline

We activate a movement with a selection of people (leaders).
They will find meaning in their role as changemakers and develop the skills and mindset they need to set things in motion.


This results in:

  • Your corporate purpose, strategy and culture translated in a common yet personal and engaging story
  • Significant shifts in one crucial business practice
  • Increased team effectiveness.

The Unbossers Notebook

All tools in one place

Together with our premium customers we created a practical notebook. It includes templates, dialogue starters and methodologies to help you integrate a people-first mindset and techniques into your operational day to day. We wish you joy in connecting with colleagues on leadership, team effectiveness, changemaking and unbossers questions. Download the PDF version here.

    For a small contribution, we are happy to send you the booklet version of the notebook.
    If you are interested, just send us a message here.

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