How experiencing regret can make you a better leader and impact your business success

In this episode we explore one of the most misunderstood yet common emotions: regret. “As we get older, we regret what we *didn’t* do much more than what we did. Over time, regrets of inaction easily outnumber regrets of action,” our host Daniel Pink states.  What does this mean for our work? How can the emotion ‘regret’ help us in driving and manifesting change in the workplace, our leadership and teams? 

Introducing Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink is a renowned American author and speaker who has written extensively about work, business, and technological transformation. He was named one of the “Top 5 Business Gurus” by Time Magazine.

His books such as Drive and A Whole New Mind have become essential reading. His perspectives on such topics as business creativity, the changing nature of the workplace, and the future of work are widely followed by business leaders. 

He is also a great proponent of the power of creativity, collaboration, and motivation when it comes to business success and personal fulfilment.

Topics we discuss

In the conversation Nick and Daniel look at how smart, ‘unbossed’ leaders can use regrets to create positive, life-altering moments in the lives of their teams and themselves, leading to improved performance, higher creativity and ultimately, a more resilient business that is able to confront and conquer challenges.

  • What is regret, and why do we have it? 
  • What is the best way of dealing with regret? 
  • How can regret make you a better leader?
  • How can you use regret to come to one new year’s resolution that actually works?
  • And so much more

About Daniel’s book: The power of regret

The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink is a look at how embracing meaningful and thoughtful regrets can help leaders unlock the potential of themselves and their teams in a more meaningful way. 

Drawing from research in psychology, economics and more, Pink argues that while regrets can often be seen as a negative thing to be avoided, they can actually be embraced to create positive and powerful outcomes. 

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