Two Swedes helping rebuild Ukraine with tech.

The IT sector has been a progressively significant driver of economic growth in many countries. Engaging more people in tech, improving the standard of living in small and midsize cities, and supporting Ukraine and the free world in its fight for freedom are among our top priorities, says Andreas. Since the start of Beetroot 11 years ago they impacted 500+ happy clients from 24 countries worldwide, generated nearly $57 million of the total economic impact in 2022 and build R&D locations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Sweden. 

Introducing Andreas

Take the most likeable CEO you know; add superior leadership skills; spice up with a crave for building things that matter; throw in kindness, patience and willingness to help; brew for several years and you’ll get Andreas – a great person to be around, both in a professional and personal way.

Andreas was the entrepreneur of the year in Sweden in 2018. He joined the World Economic Forum in 2021 as a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster delegation, represented at the Ukraine House in Davos. He discussed Beetroot’s efforts in sustainable software development, as well as its contribution to the strategic development of Ukraine through IT partnerships.

Software Development Company for Good

Beetroot is a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company that strives for sustainable software development and desires to be a positive influence in society. Beetroot engages more than 440 people in it’s Ukrainian and Swedish ecosystem, comprising R&D offices in two countries and running a network of Beetroot Academy IT schools in 17 Ukrainian cities.

Topics we discuss

  • Beetroot’s mission and impact in Ukraine
  • Entrepreneurship in East-Europe
  • How Beetroot attracts and selects customers?
  • Beetroot’s journey towards self-management
  • and much more

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