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A Renaissance for a New Generation

by William Malek – Unbossers Fellow – Director RenDanHeYi Southeast Asia Research Center

A Renaissance of expanding human creative potential is underway, and it is unlike anything we have seen in recent history! Here’s why and how everyone could combine care for humanity with the pursuit of  business success, inspired by Renaissance philosophers. 

Reframe our thinking

As we are now really beginning to experience many existential shifts driven by negative externalities (geo-political shifts impacting supply chains, social movements changing consumer behavior, economic crisis, environmental and health related catastrophes, technology inventions with unintended consequences, business models that are disrupting legacy players, ability to access talent, etc.) all organizations will need to keep up with these black swan game-changers or face the reality of becoming rapidly irrelevant in the market. 

So, if we reframe our thinking to realize that which we really have control over, I suggest that cultivating “positive internalities” within an organizational system will be the accelerator to discover the level of change for real transformation that will be uniquely required.

7 suggestions for enterprise resiliency in 2023

At the core of all this opportunity, in times of historical transitions, is our human creative potential to solve our worst problems through new habits such as co-operation, self cultivation and self-organizing teams, to name a few. 

This is a renaissance being enabled by the principles of RenDanHeYi, first implemented at Haier, and is now spreading across the globe! 

As the New Year is rapidly approaching, here are seven “positive internalities”, I suggest for building your enterprise resiliency in 2023:

  1. Leverage the core business networks and partners you already have to explore new market opportunities and scenarios emerging out of all the existential shifts;
  2. Start a micro-enterprise within an ongoing organization and experiment with RenDanHeYi, beginning with a single pilot project;
  3. Leverage network capabilities to build new ones to drive broader and deeper value creation end-to-end and cooperate to share value;
  4. Allow your pilot team to carry out a bold purpose they care about with some level of autonomy;
  5. Build the micro-enterprise pilot management system with the intention of entrepreneurial agility using structure, culture and systems to enable rapid performance improvements by removing obstacles from the process of value creation and delivery;
  6. Develop and guide a diverse network of entrepreneurial individuals that can flourish with ceaseless creativity and sharing emergent knowledge within a micro-community of purpose;
  7. Cultivate your own ability to orchestrate change within yourself and your organization with RenDanHeYi. 

After 42 years in business working to help transform companies, it is without reservation that I state, RenDanHeYi is the DNA for the dawning of a new day! Its philosophy and contingent practices are geared to enable natural organic growth through an ecosystem of networks/partners based on a win-win outcome strategy where the end user wins first, and then everything else flows.

“Be like water, benefitting everything and competing with nothing!”

Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier.


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