We love transforming organizations to a state where the pursuit of business success and care for humanity are combined, and so do our clients. After all, people are more engaged and add more business value when they find meaning in their professional lives as well as feel seen as human beings. How do we create such realities in organisations? Read our case studies here.


Miele is transitioning into a new strategy and culture. ‘Pioneering spirit’ and ‘ideas over hierarchy’ are two key pillars. How do they mobilize their people to take full ownership for the execution?

Anonymised case

Our client faces major strategic and cultural changes in their organization to effectively compete against new players that disrupt their industry. How to bring an agile movement to life that can reinvent the company from the inside-out?

The Unbossers Notebook

All tools in one place

We have developed a notebook that includes templates, dialogue starters and methodologies to help you integrate an unbossed mindset and techniques into your operational day to day. You can find them in five sections: Leadership, Team effectiveness, Changemaking, Unbossers questions and Notebook. We hope you will find joy in using them to connect with your colleagues in a meaningful and effective way.

    For a small contribution, we are happy to send you the booklet version of the notebook.
    If you are interested, just send us a message here.